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by Editor on December 21, 2011

One of the easiest ways to start an online business from home or wherever you have a good internet connection is through affiliate marketing. It is just one of the great business opportunities that is available to people in remote areas of Australia once the National Broadband Network rolls out to them.

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Affiliate marketing is a referral business which involves sending Internet users to a vendor’s website where:

  • a product or

    service is sold

  • contact information is collected or
  • any other desired action is performed
  • Benefits of affiliate marketing

Easy to setup: All you need is a laptop, computer or tablet and an internet connection in order to start this business. Once online, you can find the right products to sell, purchase appropriate domain names and create websites for marketing other people’s products.

Minimal capitalisation: The initial costs for setting up an affiliate marketing business are relatively low and will include the registration fee for a domain name, web hosting service and simple website development service. You can market as many products as you want online, without having to invest huge amounts for inventory. Overall, initial startup and maintenance expenses are much less than the costs associated with a traditional store or service establishment.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Success in affiliate marketing depends on how well you are able to:

  • attract highly targeted and interested customers;
  • provide value to Internet users through high quality content; and
  • refer them to your affiliate merchants with an effective call to action.

Conduct market research

Intensive market research helps you determine who your target consumers are and where to find them. You’ll learn what kind of products they’re looking for and what types of marketing techniques, issues and personalities are currently trending. Some of the world’s most active websites such as Amazon Bestsellers, eBay Pulse and Clickbank Marketplace, are good online resources for market research.

Understand your market

Focus on your target audience by knowing everything about them:

  • what their problems are
  • what solutions are they looking for
  • the language they speak

Step into their shoes and assume their point of view when planning your marketing approach. Understanding your market enables you to connect easily with your readers, gain their trust and turn them to buyers.

Target the right keywords

Keywords are words, phrases or group of words which potential buyers use to find what they need online. They are the cornerstone of online marketing which includes continuous efforts to increase your website’s visibility on the Internet or search engine optimization (SEO). Profitable keywords are in-demand and exhibit low online competition. They attract ready buyers and tend to generate more sales from site visitors.

Write high quality content

Potential buyers and search engines love reading fresh and useful content. Focus on creating content which solves a problem or provides helpful tips to your target audience.

Limit one call to action per page

Successful affiliates devote one viagra for women page to a single call to action. This strategy avoids confusing the potential buyer and effectively motivates them to perform a desired action:

  • to buy an item,
  • link to an affiliate offer,
  • sign up for a subscription or
  • sign up for a free offer.

Other important steps in affiliate marketing include paid advertising (Pay Per Click), link building (SEO) and tracking results.

Anyone can learn affiliate marketing on their own or through personalised coaching sessions. Various courses and information products are available on the Internet, including the inexpensive SuperAffiliateGuy online training – by one of the top affiliate marketers in the world (he’s from Switzerland!).  Taking it to the next level is his SuperAffiliate Masterclass – for those who are really serious about this business model.

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